SCBS North East IPA Extract Kit


This kit includes grain, hops, straining bags, adjuncts (if required), and end-to-end brewing instructions. It does NOT include yeast, caps or priming sugar. Pick a yeast option below, and if you need caps or priming sugar.

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Lallemand Lalbrew New England East Coast Brewing Yeast - 11 gram

Juice - Imperial Yeast A38

Juice - Imperial Yeast A38

Priming Sugar - 5 oz

Pre-measured corn sugar (dextrose).

Crown Caps - 50,Oxygen Absorbing

Oxygen absorbing caps fit standard pop-top bottles.

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The New England IPA has been the latest big craze with craft beer drinkers in the United States. Some claim it’s the “new thing”  in beer – cloudy, smooth, and fruity, with a very subdued bitterness for something labeled with the letters I, P, and A, but this beer can be enjoyable for both those looking for big hop flavors, and newcomers to the craft beer scene that don’t like overly bitter beer. Don’t let the cloudiness fool you, this is a refreshing beer that can be enjoyed year round.

OG: 1.065 
ABV: 6.2%
IBUs: 52


Specialty grains, liquid malt extract, first wort hops, kettle hops, calcium chloride, hop bag, dry hops, brewing instructions

Not Included:
**Yeast** (Dry s-04 or Liquid Wyeast 1318)

Large straining bag
Priming Sugar
Bottle Caps

Recipe Sheet PDF




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