SCBS Ross’ Red Rye Extract Kit


This kit includes grain, hops, straining bags, adjuncts (if required), and end-to-end brewing instructions. It does NOT include yeast, caps or priming sugar. Pick a yeast option below, and if you need caps or priming sugar.

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Lallemand Nottingham Ale Yeast

British style ale yeast blend with a neutral and dry finish.

House - Imperial Yeast A01

A01 House

The best of both worlds, House is clean and allows malt and hops to shine. This strain is extremely versatile and flocculent enough to drop out of the beer quickly. Best used in American IPAs but works well in English style ales. House is clean at cold temperatures with increased esters as fermentation temperatures increase.

Priming Sugar - 5 oz

Pre-measured corn sugar (dextrose).

Crown Caps - 50,Oxygen Absorbing

Oxygen absorbing caps fit standard pop-top bottles.

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Traditional Irish Reds are closely related to English Bitters. However this moderately hopped, moderately malty beer has many variations including many American versions brewed as lagers. While many consider Reds a sub-category, what makes its own distinct style is the dark red color from small amounts of roasted or chocolate malt. This Red ale uses chocolate rye malt to give it it’s color, and a refreshing crispness from the rye.

OG: 1.055 
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 21

Specialty grains, liquid malt extract (LME), hops, whirlfloc tablet, grain/hop bags, brewing instructions

Not Included:
**Yeast** (Dry Nottingham or Liquid Wyeast 1098/1099)

Priming Sugar
Bottle Caps

Recipe Sheet PDF




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