Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast,


Clean flavors, low diacetyl, balance and ability to be used in almost any style ale

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Safale S-04 English ale yeast has a fast fermentation and high flocculation rate. This ale yeast is recommended for a large variety of ale beers and it’s especially well adapted to cask-conditioned ales.


S-04 is well-known for its fast fermentation character and its ability to form a very compact sediment (trub) at the end of the fermentation, helping to improve beer clarity. As mentioned above Safale S-04 is a great choice for the production of a large range of ale beers (Stouts, Porters, Brown Ale, & Mild)  and is especially well adapted to cask-conditioned ales and fermentation in cylindroconical tanks. High sedimentation. Optimum fermentation temperature: 59°-68° F


Yeast Features:


Fermentation Temperature: 59–68F 

Attenuation: 72–82%

Alcohol Tolerance: 9-11%

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