6 Gallon Plastic Carboy Vintage Shop PET


Hold 6 Gallons of stuff in PET

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Use as a primary fermenter for your 5 gallon batches.

Use as a secondary fermenter for a 6 galllon batch.

Made from virgin PET BetterBottles® are designed to be nearly impermeable to oxygen and have no effect on the flavor of your beer or wine. BetterBottle® also claims to be “unbreakable”, and while this is a exaggeration, you can drop one full of liquid from 4 feet onto cement without it breaking. Try dropping your glass carboy from 4 inches… yeah I wouldn’t either.

-Designed specifically for fermenting wine and beer
-Easier to clean – Just soak and rinse
-“Unbreakable” and safe
-Virgin PET
-Light Weight
-Easily stored


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