SCBS Deluxe Beer Equipment Kit


All the primary and secondary fermenting equipment you need for a 5 gallon batch of whatever you would like.

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The Deluxe beer fermenting kit is a great way to jump into the homebrewing hobby. This kit comes with all the fermenting equipment you need to make beer, and a bunch of items that make brewing easier. With the addition of a secondary fermenter you can transfer your beer from the primary bucket, off the yeast cake, to help age and clear your beers. 

Why stop at beer? This equipment will allow you to ferment 5 gallons of whatever you want. Try Mead, Cider, Wine, or anything else you want to brew.

Includes all of the following equipment:
– 6.5 gallon primary fermenting bucket with lid (drilled for airlock)
– Bottling bucket (6.5 gallon) with spigot (3/8″ opening)
– Rack and fill kit (auto siphon, siphon hose, bottle filler)
– 28″ Brew paddle
– Air lock
– Lab thermometer
– Adhesive thermometer
– Triple scale hydrometer
– Beer bottle brush
– Twin lever Red-Baron capper
– Oxy-based Cleanser 
– No-rinse sanitizer
– Basic brewing handbook

What you still need:
– A big stock pot (16 quart kettle or bigger)
– Approximately 48, 12oz Bottles (any pop top bottles will work, so drink up and save them)
– Ingredients

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