Monster Cleaner Bottle Rinser (Italian Vinator)


Bottle Rinser (Italian Vinator)

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The Monster Cleaner is simply the best sanitizer you could think of. The Monster Cleaner allows for sanitization of all types of bottles. From PET beer, wine, and champagne bottles to Test Jars, Easy Siphons, Samplers, PET Carboys, Growlers, Gallon Jugs, and more!

Easy to assemble, it is a breeze to use and clean. It also acts as a versatile addition to the top of the Bottle Tower with no adaptor required. May also be used independently on any flat surface.

Will come with an adapter so the PET carboys will fit and can be sanitized (any container up to 55 mm in neck diameter).
Will take all types of bottles (PET beer bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles).
Use the versatile adapter to easily sanitize a a variety of sizes and shapes, including Test Jars, Easy Siphons, Samplers and more.
Will fit on top of The Bottle Tower with no adapter required / Can also be used on any flat surface.
Volume of sanitizer is 50% more than our competitor’s.
Overall height is smaller, making it more stable.
Size is perfect to sanitize Growlers and Gallon Jugs.
Slightly smaller in diameter, making it cheaper to ship and reducing space for storage.
Assembled in minutes.
BPA free.
Made with food grade materials.
Flexible base (basin) made with high impact materials to stand drops up to 12 feet in height. Basin won’t crack, at first it may look flimsy, but it is build to stand and be flexible.

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