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WL Clarity Ferm

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Clarity Ferm WLE4000, from White Labs, is an enzyme that breaks down proteins. It is used to prevent chill haze and to produce reduced levels of gluten in beers made from barley and wheat. This is a single vial of White Labs Clarity Ferm.

Chill haze is caused when proteins and tannins (polyphenols) bind together and become insoluble during cold storage. While the enzyme helps break down the sensitive (haze-active) polypeptides that create chill haze, its reaction is very specific, so you can rest assured that no other beer parameters (i.e. flavor, aroma) will be affected. Clarity Ferm also significantly reduces gluten content in finished beer. Treated beers usually test below 20ppm gluten, the current gluten free standard. Each vial contains 10mL of Clarity Ferm – enough to treat one 5 gallon batch of beer. Simply add to cooled wort when pitching yeast.

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