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Solstice Malt in Salt Lake City, is bringing malting back to Utah after about fifty years of absence. Utah’s most recent malt producer, Becker Brewing and Malting Company, ceased production in the late 1960s. Local brewers have since been sourcing their malt from other states and countries. But when Solstice Malt begins full production by the Summer of 2018, Salt Lake brewers will have a new option for malt that is drastically closer than other options, and sourced from Northern Utah. Source (

Color – 2-4º Lovibond
– Base malt made from 2-row barley. Mild, malty flavor. Suitable for all beer styles
– The barley is a spring 2 row called LCS genie grown in Newton, Utah with help of USU
– 13% protein and 4.8% moisture (as Solstice dials in their process the protein content will decrease, we recommend a protien rest at 130º F for 20-30 minutes)
– Genie Malt info (

– Gives a smoother, less grainy flavor. Basic malt for all beer and ale styles.



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