SCBS Scottish 80 Ale Extract Kit


This kit includes grain, hops, straining bags, adjuncts (if required), and end-to-end brewing instructions. It does NOT include yeast, caps or priming sugar. Pick a yeast option below, and if you need caps or priming sugar.

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Lallemand Nottingham Ale Yeast

British style ale yeast blend with a neutral and dry finish.

Tartan - Imperial Yeast A31

Tartan - Imperial Yeast A31

Priming Sugar - 5 oz

Pre-measured corn sugar (dextrose).

Crown Caps - 50,Oxygen Absorbing

Oxygen absorbing caps fit standard pop-top bottles.

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Around the turn of the 20th century, beer in Scotland was termed on the price per barrel in shillings. The price paid roughly designated the alcohol content of the beer. This 80/- (shilling) recipe is the type regarded by many as the “classic” Scottish Ale in ABV with an added touch of peat smoked malt for a flavor faintly reminiscent of Scotch Whiskey. Enjoy this malt forward, clean finishing, session beer that is perfect for mild weather and long cool nights with friends.

OG: 1.043 
ABV: 4.0%
IBUs: 21

Specialty grains including peated smoked malt, 2 types of liquid malt extract (LME), hops, whirlfloc tablet, grain/hop bags, brewing instructions

Not Included:
**Yeast** (Dry Nottingham or Liquid Wyeast 1728)

Priming Sugar
Bottle Caps

Recipe Sheet PDF




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