SCBS Hefeweizen Extract Kit


This kit includes grain, hops, straining bags, adjuncts (if required), and end-to-end brewing instructions. It does NOT include yeast, caps or priming sugar. Pick a yeast option below, and if you need caps or priming sugar.

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Stefon - Imperial Yeast G01

This is the traditional German strain used to produce world class weizen beers.

Lallemand Munich CLASSIC Dry Ale Yeast

Lallemand Munich CLASSIC Dry Ale Yeast

Priming Sugar - 5 oz

Pre-measured corn sugar (dextrose).

Crown Caps - 50,Oxygen Absorbing

Oxygen absorbing caps fit standard pop-top bottles.

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Wheat beers come in many forms, but the basic Hefeweizen is perhaps the most widely known. Consisting of a nearly 50/50 mix of wheat and barley malt, these pale and hazy beers are smooth to drink and often contain flavors of clove and banana that are derived from the type of yeast that is used. Specs: OG: 1.046 ABV: 4.3% IBUs: 13 Included: Liquid malt extract (LME), hops, hop bag, brewing instructions Not Included: **Yeast** (Dry Munich Classic or Liquid Imperial Stefon) Priming Sugar Bottle Caps Recipe Sheet PDF .


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