SCBS Extra Special Bitter Extract Kit


This kit includes grain, hops, straining bags, adjuncts (if required), and end-to-end brewing instructions. It does NOT include yeast, caps or priming sugar. Pick a yeast option below, and if you need caps or priming sugar.

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Lallemand London Dry Ale Yeast

Lallemand London ESB Dry Ale Yeast

Pub - Imperial Yeast A09

A09 Pub

Brewers swear by this strain to achieve super bright ales in a short amount of time. One of the most flocculent brewer’s strains around, Pub will rip through fermentation and then drop out of the beer quickly. Pub produces higher levels of esters than most domestic ale strains. Be sure to give beers made with Pub a sufficient diacetyl rest.

Priming Sugar - 5 oz

Pre-measured corn sugar (dextrose).

Crown Caps - 50,Oxygen Absorbing

Oxygen absorbing caps fit standard pop-top bottles.

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In comparison to old style English pale ales, ESBs (Extra Special Bitters) are higher in alcohol and bitterness than regular Bitters. This is a very well balanced beer with a full malt character that is very easy to drink despite “bitter” being part of the name. So dim the lights, play some darts, and pretend you are getting pissed
in an English pub with this UK favorite..  

OG: 1.053
ABV: 5.1%
IBUs: 40

Specialty grains, liquid malt extract (LME), hops, whirlfloc tablet, grain/hop bags, brewing instructions

Not Included:
**Yeast** (Dry S-04 or Liquid Wyeast 1968)

Priming Sugar
Bottle Caps

Recipe Sheet PDF




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