Home Brew Wash (HBW) – 4 lb


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Oxygen Based All Purpose Cleaner

Environmentally Friendly

Contains No Chlorine


One Step, No Rinse for Home Brewers

1 Tablespoon per gallon of water.


Notable Differences Between Maxx IV and PBW.

  • –  Maxx IV consists of a scientific blend of four cleaning agents. Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Chloride.

  • –  Larger amounts of Sodium Percarbonate and Sodium Carbonate than PBW which translates to greater cleaning through oxygenation. Basically, an added oxygen molecule from Hydrogen Peroxide (Think Oxy Clean).

  • –  PBW contains Disodium Metasilicate. Disodium Metasilicate is a good cleaning agent. However, it is very expensive. After extensive lab and field testing, concluded that the right blend of the four sodium-based products yielded as good, if not greater results, without needing to use Disodium Metasilicate. Keeps cost low.

  • –  Maxx IV is non-caustic, high-alkaline and non-toxic. Safe to go down drains and non-harmful to the environment.


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