Magnum Rhizome


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11.0-16.0% AA. Grows well in all climates. Good yields, and high tolerance to disease.

Magnum is a great bittering hop with an aroma similar to a strong Willamette. It therefore works well with Willamette, Fuggles, and British Kent Goldings. Because its bitterness is so smooth you will find that you can use more of it than many recipes specify. For example, we use two full ounces for a 60 minute boil in IPAs.

Rhizomes should be planted immediately for best results. If your area is still experiencing frost then you can plant them in a planter indoors until it is safe to transplant outside. The first years crop will generally be smaller than subsequent years. Since these are live plants, we cannot guarantee they will grow, so we recommend buying two of each type to help ensure their success.


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