Jarrylo Hop Pellets (US),AA: 14.2%,1 oz


Pear, Orange, Spicy

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Breeding/Development: Named for the Slavic god of fertility, Jarrylo® (pronounced Jar-ril-lo) is a dwarf variety bred by the American Dwarf Hop Association. Its parentage includes Summit™ and other ADHA varieties. 


Brewing Application: Jarrylo® can be used as a dual purpose hop thanks to its high alpha content. However, its large oil fraction (particularly humulene and myrcene) and unique aromatics make it very well-suited to late, whirlpool, or dry hop additions. A good choice for pales and IPAs, saisons, and other hop-forward Belgian styles.


Sensory:  Strong tones of fruit (banana, pear, melon, orange) with spicy and grassy notes. 

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