DIY1G Hefeweizen


One Gallon German Hefeweizen

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Making beer at home from raw ingredients is both a fun and rewarding hobby. Just use this kit, plus a few simple steps and you will join the ranks of a long standing brewing heritage thousands of years old. In no time you will have some amazing craft brew that you made yourself. Break free of buying commercially made beer and make exactly what you like to drink.

This Amber Ale is a copper colored ale with balanced malt sweetness & hop bitterness

Hops: Cascade
IBUs: 30
ABV: 5.0% 

Malted wheat and barley, hops, hop bag, German wheat yeast, brewing instructions

Not Included:
Fermenting equipment, stock pot (1 gallon or bigger), beer bottles (Grolsch style flip-top bottles work great if you don’t have a bottle capper)

Additional Recommended Items: 
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