Avery Pacer IPA – 12oz – Single – 5.0%


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4.5% ABV

Using contemporary dry-hopping techniques, Pacer IPA achieves winning Hazy IPA flavors and aromas we know and love at a guilt-free price of 100 calories and 3.5 carbs. Pacer IPA, Adam Avery admits, “is an extremely selfish brewing endeavor. A beer brewed for me – an aging, wannabe-athlete who “drinks” for a living, and desperately needs to start setting a new and healthier pace in life.” To brew a real Hazy IPA that clocks in with low calories, low carbs, and low ABV, we focus on ingredients that ensure high returns in taste and aroma. In addition to traditional malted barley, our brewers incorporate wheat and oats for fuller body, as well as an abundance of southern hemisphere hops. Modern dry-hopping techniques help achieve the big, juicy, and fruity final product. In the Pacer IPA, you get a full flavor beer built for winning at a balanced and active lifestyle.


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