EZ Cap Bottles – Clear 1 Liter,12/case


EZ Cap Bottles – Clear 1 Liter

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These swing top bottles are a revolution in beer bottling!  The convenience of a swing top, hybridized with the storage capabilities of a standard crown cap; Meet the EZ Cap Bottle.  These swing tops are designed to be primarily sealed with a crown cap closure for long term storage.  Once you crack your brew for consumption however, you have the swing top in place to close it back up if need be!  Whether you’re too distracted with other fine brews to taste, or just need to wait your turn at the beer pong table, this is a perfect system for you. 


Bottles rated to 100 PSI.


Case of 12 x 32 oz Flint (Clear) EZ Cap Bottles and 12 Swing Tops

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