Dingemans Belgian Special B Malt


The special raisin and dried fruit flavor your love in your Belgian Beers

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Color – 120-140º Lovibond
– 1-3% Vienna, Marzen, Abbey and Oktoberfest
– 5-15% Doppelbocks, Dark Lagers, Barley Wine, Dubel, Trippel
– 5-15% Certain styles of Brown Ales, Scotch Ales, Stouts and Porters
– 15%v + Dark Belgian Strong Ales 

– Gives a unique flavor to dark Belgian Abbey beer styles, especially Trappists. However, used in small amounts, it can also give a pleasantly complex richness to brown ale, mild ale, or any other relatively dark, malt-focused beer.
– Dark, flavorful crystal malt traditionally malted in Belgium. In small amounts, it gives a unique flavor to the finished beer that is often compared to raisins or dried fruit.



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