Hose Clamp – 1/2 stepless (13.3mm)


Hose Clamp – 1/2 stepless (13.3mm)

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Oetiker® Stainless Steel Stepless® Clamps
Stepless®… when not hing less than a perfect seal will do.
Oetiker No. 13.3
Range Closed-Open: .425 – .524
Clamp Index: E
Manufactured of 304 grade stainless steel for extended durability and increased corrosion resistance
Stepless® tongue-in-groove design pr ovides uniform pressure and gapless leak-free seal
All Oetiker® clamps have burr-free edges to protect parts and to prevent injury during assembly
The clamp ears adjustable crimp ran ge compensates for component tolerances and applied pressure

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